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ALVARO in the 21st Century:

Alvaro Pena y Los Sillas Musicales, Chile 2015
Alvaro Pena y Los Sillas Musicales, Chile 2015
ALVARO by Francis Bacon, Photo Chris Zschammer, Germany 2013
ALVARO by Francis Bacon, Germany 2013
(Photo Chris Zschammer)
Alvaro and Metal Fatigue, Chile February 2011
ALVARO & METAL FATIGUE, Chile, Feb. 2011
(Photo K. Salas)
Chile February 2011
My dad was a dentist, Chile, Feb. 2011
(Photo K. Salas)
photo Scoliosis is the name of the game, Konstanz, 2008
photo Everybody's got to have a number, Valparaíso, Chile, June 2008
(Photo Studio Pozo)
photo It's cold in Chile in June
(Photo Karina Ubeda, 2008)
photo Alvaro Peña making marmelade in Valparaíso, Chile, January 2007
(Photo Marcela Espinoza)
photo ALVARO tinkering his new CD covers with waste paper, Konstanz, November 2005
(Photo by Thomas Zoch)
photo WFMU Record Fair Manhattan/New York, November 2004
(Photo by Brian Turner)
photo ALVARO's Dance Experience VALPARAÍSO, Konstanz, May 2004
(Photos by Silke Böttcher, Thomas Zoch, Pit Fischer)
photo ALVARO presenting the new VALPARAÍSO CD, Konstanz, May 2004
(Photo by Thomas Zoch)
photo ALVARO trying to protect his ears from THE CROWS, Konstanz, May 2004
(Photo by Thomas Zoch)
photo ALVARO live at WFMU Radio, New York, November 2003
(Photo by Cristina Dodd)
photo Alvaro in Valparaíso/Chile, October 2001
(Photo by Aldo Reyes)
photo Alvaro in spring 2000, Konstanz/Germany, presenting his new CD "1, 2, 3, 4"
(Photo by Thomas Zoch)

in the Nineties:
photo Alvaro and Jens Volk in Konstanz 1999
photo Alvaro in spring 1999, Konstanz
(Photo by Anne Haeming)
photo Alvaro in Konstanz 1998
photo Alvaro live in Konstanz 1998
(Photo by Thomas Bohnet)
photo Alvaro in Konstanz, covering his mouth after complaints that he talks too much
(Photo by the amazing finger of Anjélica Brozio)
photo Alvaro taking it eeezy in Valparaíso
(Photo by Marcelo Tapia)
photo Alvaro on USA Tour 1990
(Photo by Steven Defoe)

in the Eighties:
photo Alvaro and Giorgos Notaras, Konstanz 1987
(Photo by Sternberg)
photo Alvaro at Schloß Kürn, Germany 1982
(Photo by Heribert Schneider)
photo The legendary "Alvaro-foot-on-the-piano" photo,
(taken in Schloß Kürn, Bavaria, Germany by Rolf "Kinderfoto" Jankowfski and Peter Schmidt)

in the Seventies:
photo Alvaro having a dry bath in a bed & breakfast, London
(Photo by Ken "Fizzy" Ruth)
photo THE 101'ERS, London
Alvaro third from left with saxophone. Fifth from left Joe Strummer with guitar
(Photo by Paul Slattery)
photo THE 101'ERS, London 1975
Alvaro 3rd from right (sax). 1st right Joe Strummer (guitar).
(Photographer: Ray Eagle)

in the Sixties:
photo LOS BUMERANGS, Chile
Alvaro first from left top row with saxophone
(anonymous photographer)
Alvaro second from right with saxophone
(anonymous photographer)


poster 1
Alvaro, by Alvaro
painting 2
Alvaro, by the Chilean painter Gonzalo Ilabaca, acrylic, Valparaiso 1993
poster 3
Alvaro, photo by Angelika Brozio, layout by Thomas Steinmetz
painting 4
Alvaro, by the german painter Pit, watercolour, Konstanz 2003

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